Friday, May 21, 2010

from oriflame to btc

hi :)

yesterday i hanged out alone as always. it wasn't a hang out actually, but i want to call it hang out. i really miss my boyfriend, wanting he accompany me, but he couldn't, of course! haha.

1st destination is TELKOM Rajawali for paying speedy bill. then i went to oriflame for buying these,

then, i went to btc. oh good, torrential rains happened. do you remember? i want to buy this shoes, the blue one.

i really really want them. but, it was sold out! hah, poor me. then, i decided to buy this. what do you think?

but i still want the ribbon one. so, i negotiated with the shopkeeper to save my shoes first, whether the blue ribbon shoes will come. and tomorrow i'll take it. if it doesn't come, i buy the second one. hehehe..

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