Friday, May 7, 2010

i loooooooove craft!

hi :)

i've wasted my time for 4 hours, just for blogwalking. hahah, again, ignored my skripsi.

hey, my blogwlaking theme today is craft! i have passion on it. but i never have the time and... budget. hehehe. i always have many ideas about craft, especially flanel and sewing, but i really seldom to make it for real! huh..

and after blogwalking, i remembered that i'm having some flanels. i've ever posted it here too. and i want make a wallet right now!! oh my God.. it makes me confuse to choose between doing the skripsi and making wallet.. stupid choice yaaa.. hahaha..

i want try scallop method. really wanna try it!!

Hmmm... *thinking*

oh yeah, i like sewing, but only manual sewing and many kind of "tusuk" . i wish i could sew by sewing machine, and i also want to have it. :)

aha! i have aunt and uncle who expert on sewing! they both have a little tailor! they are a couple. okay, i'll learn from them! :)

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