Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi :)

Uhh, i really miss you all. miss posting also! do you know? i had fun weekend, and i must share with you. i'll divide it by three entries. :)

okaaaaayy! 1st, last friday night, my sister was confused which clothes she should be wear to Ardan? i offered to lend my clothes. we opened the cupboard, and found this! Bianglala Baby Doll. then she tried.

Bianglala Baby Doll

Bianglala Baby Doll, my mom belt.

Bianglala Baby Doll, Unbranded Black High Waist Trouser

Bianglala Baby Doll, Unbranded Bracelets, Alexandre Christie Watch

Bianglala Baby Doll + Unbranded Necklace

+ black unbranded bracelet

hahaha! that were our ordinary experiment. oh, do you want to know my sister well? this is her blog link!

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