Saturday, May 8, 2010

complete it step by step..

hi :)

went to garage for mio servicing and bought some "passion equipments" . :)

some of my passion equipment.

what is it called? *i don't know the name* let's call it ribbon red roses :)
4900 IDR for ten roses

buttons @ 1250 IDR

*for these buttons, i was confuse to choose. soo many kind of buttons, price, and also the size. i chose them because my favorite color and they are in medium size. :)

embroidery yarns @ 1200 IDR

sewing yarns @ 900 IDR for small size

carrying box @ 18500 IDR

that's all. i wanted to buy more, but i only had limited budget, because i bought them with my own money. so, i bought as able as i could. :)

i'm so excited and want to make another project. but i know it isn't at a good time. :(

put the embroidery yarns on the bottom.

put others on the top

looks more tidy, doesn't it? :)

hey, i wanna show you this :

these needles was bought by my father in Malaysia. haha. it was funny, because Indonesia has needle too, right? but the point is, my father gave it to me because he knows well that his first daughter has a passion on handcraft. he said that he saw it when he went to somewhere, and he remembered me! thank's dad.. :)

the last..
my passion boxes!! :)
flanels in the green one, and the equipments in the pink one.

can't wait for the time when i could create my upcoming projects!

have a nice weekend!

see ya!


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  1. iihhh rapi bgt :)

    btw main2 ke tmpt ku yaaa ^_~


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