Thursday, May 6, 2010

Between Seminar and Session...

hi :)

do you know? my friend, Eri Mettasari, she has finished her session!! i'm so envy at her. we are 'friend in same struggle'. yes, we use same method in our skripsi. so, i always study to her. and she'll graduate sooner than me! congratulation! i had more spirit to finish my skripsi when i saw eri's session. yes! i promise. i'll finish it this weekend. :)

today, mitha, one of my bestfriend, also held her seminar. just like me, she had to repeat. never mind tha, it must be the best way for us! semangat!!! \(^o^)/

ok, enough for today. i'll do my skripsi. hehehehe.. :)

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